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At Right Bite, we believe that good habits start early and at home and want to help you raise a more mindful and healthier next generation.

Ensuring your child gets the right nutrition is essential to their future development as the right food can help them grow better, be stronger and stay healthy.

As each child is unique and different, dietary requirements will vary depending on factors such as gender and age as well as frequency, duration and type of exercise. Creating healthy, well-balanced, wholesome and nutritious meals to feed your little ones isn’t always obvious and can be overwhelming.
We’ve teamed up with Ignite Kids to provide you with the tools and resources you need to best help you keep up with the kids! Developed by expert dietitians, our Mighty Lunchables meal plans are
designed to ensure your child is getting all the right nutrition and nutrients to fuel their growth, development and super busy days be at school, on the field or in the water. Using only the freshest ingredients, our meals are perfectly balanced, full of flavor and cater to even the pickiest of eaters!

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    Meal Plans

    For 2-4 Years Old


    While you make sure they learn their ABCs, we ensure they’re getting their ABCs!
    With 3 daily lunch choices, you’re sure to find something super nutritious yet yummy. Encouraging variety is also key at this stage as you really want to try and introduce your child to as many foods as possible early on!

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    For 5-9 Years Old


    As life starts to kick in, it’s crucial your child gets all the calories and nutrients they need to make it it through the day. Avoiding high sugar and bad fats and teaching portion control is essential to help them foster good future eating habits.

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    For 10-15 Years Old


    Growth spurts mean growing pains and appetites… But extra calories shouldn’t mean empty calories! Leave the hassle of lunch prep to us so you can focus on all their other needs.

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    For Athlete Kids


    Proper nutrition and hydration play a fundamental role in peak performance. With the right meal plan, we ensure your child is provided with a steady flow of energy throughout the day that improves their energy levels, athletic performance and mood as well as helps their body recover and possibly prevent any injury.

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    What’s on your plate?

    Meal prep for athlete kids

    LunchBox 101

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