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At IGNITE Kids we believe every child, adolescent, teen should learn to swim in a safe and friendly environment. Swimming skills, particularly among children are fundamental to every individual’s safety and overall motor skill development.

As a sport, swimming caters for people of all ages, gender, culture and abilities.

There are many different options to choose from when learning to swim which we offer a multiple locations throughout Dubai.

Our team are fully qualified and licensed by … so everyone is in safe hands.

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Swimming Programs

Baby Swim – Splash

This is our adult and child programme for the under 3s where little ones progress through a series of ‘Duckling Award’ grades to become confident little water ducklings. Bring the camera you’ll catch the perfect memories.

Learn to swim

Developing the basics of the 4 strokes and beyond. This is for beginners who want to become confident swimmers and work through the key learning stages set out by the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association). We also develop water safety, submersion and correct breathing techniques.

Stroke Improvers

Continuing to work on all four strokes to become stronger and more efficient swimmers. We also encourage different aquatic disciplines to develop fundamental sports skills ready for the competitive environment.

Baby Swim Splish – Splash

Introducing babies to the water. An instructor leads parents through exercise and play to help familiarise and build their child’s confidence in and under the water.

Jellyfish (Beginners) 3+

Instructor led, the child is taught to be more independent in the water. Building a child’s confidence in the water by playing with purpose. Improving basic arm and leg movements along with basic breathing techniques.

Octopus (Beginners+) 4+

Instructor led, the child’s basic skills are improved through more structured drills. Learning the basis of the four strokes practiced in swimming.

Goldfish (Improvers) 5+

They can swim a little and have basic understanding of the strokes, fully confident in the water and in the freestyle breathing technique. Developing proficiency in all of the 4 competitive strokes.

Dolphins (Advanced) 7+

They should have good understanding of the main strokes and be working to develop stamina and refine the technique. Confident in the water and able to swim a short distance underwater and attempt turns. Dive starts from the side of the pool or from the starting blocks.

Our Locations

  • Oceana Residence
  • Azure Residence
Oceana Residence

Azure Residence

  • Riva Beach Club
  • Tiara Residence
Riva Beach Club

Tiara Residence


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